Swedish Companies Administration

Siguiente Capital AB (publ.) is proud to offer Swedish companies administration to clients from all over the world. Sweden is known for its structured and organized approach; something that permeates the entire system of the country and everything coming out of it. Swedish companies hold the same quality seal as many products originating from this country; and so do our services including administration of companies in Sweden. We can administrate Swedish Holding Companies and offer a full range of related corporate services in Sweden to international clients. When consulting us you will receive a gateway to high quality international corporate tax planning solutions.

Siguiente Capital Corporate Services

Siguiente Capital corporate services are of highest international standard. When clients use our services they can expect to be received in a professional and efficient way. We believe in long term relationships and the fact that satisfied clients will remain clients for as long as they are in need of the services offered. We can offer clients a full range of Swedish company related services; everything from Swedish companies incorporation, voluntary liquidation of companies, efficient tax planning for private individuals or corporate tax planning. We provide a full range of Swedish corporate services to clients worldwide; we can administrate your Swedish Holding Company and offer efficient corporate tax planning advice.

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Swedish Corporate Services

We can offer a wide range of Swedish corporate services; all the support you need to manage your Swedish Holding Company in an efficient and effective way.(MEMO).

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and have extensive experience in company formation, administration and financing.

Administration of Companies in Sweden

Our services include the full aspect of incorporation and administration of companies in Sweden; we offer you a gateway to efficient as well as quality-conscious tax solutions.

We can provide effective personal and corporate tax planning attractive to small, medium and large- sized clients worldwide.

Latest Articles:

Swedish tax authority’s campaign against private equity companies

Swedish tax authority’s campaign against private equity companies has no legal basis according to Swedish Professor of Finance Law.

France chases internet company giants for tax

France chases Internet company giants for tax, other countries like Sweden also plan to improve the tax rules for internet companies.

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