Corporate Tax Cut in Sweden 2012

How is the outlook for a corporate tax cut in Sweden 2012; the Swedish government has proposed a tax reduction in 2013 to 22 percent. This is something that will surely happen but many prominent people in the Swedish business society have made their views heard and they don’t think that the corporate tax cut is large enough; they proposed further reductions in a close future.

The general view is that in the long run the corporate tax needs to be further cut; all talk of cut only benefits large companies are incorrect because it is considered beneficial to the whole economy.

Low and effective corporate taxes is a condition for the possibility of promoting a strong Swedish export industry and compete for investments. The Swedish Government’s proposal of 22 percent is necessary as a first step to promote Swedish competitiveness in the world.

The corporate tax rate is particularly important for international companies and Swedish export industry, lowering the corporate tax burden could serve as a capital injection for many Swedish companies and provide a positive impact on the country as a whole.

Generally the Swedish business society welcomes the corporate tax cut to 22 percent and look forward to see future reductions in corporation tax to the range of between 15-20 percent.

It can also be noted that several countries around Europe have plans to reduce corporate tax, sometimes in combination with other methods to attract large companies and industries to invest in the country.

It is therefore also seen as important that Swedish companies hold on to their international competiveness, not only in when it comes to competence but also when it comes to the ability to compete economically.

In the world Sweden is seen as a small, open and globally dependent economy, but this economy stands very strong in the world today.

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