Swedish Company Formation Online

Online company formation is easy and secure today thanks to modern day technics and communication, today individuals and corporate groups can incorporate a company almost anywhere in the world in short time. This is a guide to Swedish company formation online; find a step by step explanation and information about requirements on ordering client’s behalf.

Online Swedish Company Formation

Online Swedish company formation is made easy by Siguiente Capital, shelf companies can be incorporated within a workweek and newly incorporated companies within a couple of weeks. Siguiente Capital provide a full range of corporate services for client’s all over the world, from the first step of incorporation, to ongoing administration and when and if needed tax efficient liquidation. Before ordering a Swedish company client’s can contact Siguiente Capital in-house tax experts for strategic advices and opinions.

Many international corporate groups are not familiar with all the strategic and tax advantages using Swedish Holding Companies, but an increased awareness and interest has been noted in resent time. Especially since Siguiente Capital corporate services are offered at a very international competitive price.

Company Formation in Sweden – Step by Step

Find a step by step explanation and information about all requirements on a client’s behalf. Keep in mind that that incorporation process is dependent on a client’s cooperation when it comes to KYC documentation, if advice is needed Siguiente Capital will fully support a client through the whole process.

1. Download the order form, fill it out and email a scanned signed copy to Siguiente Capital.

The order form is easy to understand and only contain basic questions needed for company formation in Sweden.

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Contact Siguiente Capital if you have any further questions or send the scanned, filled out and signed, order form directly.

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2. Order all the required KYC documents that Siguiente Capital needs to perform Customer Due Diligence, email scanned copies and send originals by courier service.

As a company that provides corporate services Siguiente Capital is covered by EU’s Third Money Laundering Directive and money laundering laws. This means that Siguiente Capital need to perform Customer Due Diligence on every new customer and that requires the following documents in original or as copies duly authenticated and certified by a Lawyer or a Public Notary using his/her seal or stamp.

1. Passport copy (certified true copy)
2. Bank reference (recommendation) letter
3. Utility bill to confirm residency

Should a non-resident company be the shareholder of the Company to be incorporated we would also require:

1. Certificate of Incorporation; (certified true copy by the Companies House or by a Lawyer or Public Notary using his/her seal or stamp
2. Articles of Incorporation; (certified true copy by the Companies House or by a Lawyer or Public Notary using his/her seal or stamp indicating clearly the current ultimate beneficial owner/s and/or shareholder/s and director/s of the company)
3. Certificate of Good Standing
4. Share Register to be signed by the Company Secretary confirming the shareholder/s of the Company and the share certificates in respect of each shareholder
5. Bank reference (recommendation) letter for the Company

3. When Siguiente Capital has received KYC documents the company will be set up and be at cliest’s disposal as soon as possible, including a Swedish company bank account.

In the case of shortage of time Siguiente Capital will provide client’s with a shelf company, this will be at client’s disposal within a normal work weeks’ time.

In other cases a newly formed company will be provided and to client’s disposal within four normal workweeks time, this depends on the Swedish companies registers workload.

When the company has been set up all original company documents will be sent to the client by courier service.

Click here to contact Siguiente Capital for any further questions regarding Swedish companies or Swedish company formation.

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