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Order our services online or book a personal or virtual meeting with one of our expert advisers; Siguiente Capital’s corporate services are flexible and easy to order. Our services are accessible to clients all over the world through modern day communication, but also in personal meetings, if our clients prefer face to face communication.

If you have a good idea of what kind of services you need you can find our fees in this section of our website. If you are uncertain of what sort of services you require, or if you are looking for a tailored solution, we will provide you with a specified offer as soon as we have a clear picture of the your needs and goals. This will normally demand an initial personal or virtual meeting, so that all aspects of your situation can be clarified, in order for us to be able to suggest the best possible solution at hand.

Siguiente Capital’s corporate services are accessible to clients worldwide; don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail if you have any questions or inquiries regarding the services we provide.

Documents Required to Order Our Services

In order to enable us to undertake a client assignment we need to fulfill our internal acceptance procedures and legal KYC requirements. We need the following documentation to be provided to us for each ultimate beneficial owner having an interest of 10% or more in any Swedish company and for any other key individual/s who may be involved in the company’s management and/or administration (director/company secretary/legal representatives, etc.).

1. Passport copy (certified true copy)

2. Bank reference (recommendation) letter

3. Utility bill to confirm residency

Should a non-resident company be the shareholder of the Company to be incorporated we would also require:

1. Certificate of Incorporation; (certified true copy by the Companies House or by a Lawyer or Public Notary using his/her seal or stamp

2. Articles of Incorporation; (certified true copy by the Companies House or by a Lawyer or Public Notary using his/her seal or stamp indicating clearly the current ultimate beneficial owner/s and/or shareholder/s and director/s of the company)

3. Certificate of Good Standing

4. Share Register to be signed by the Company Secretary confirming the shareholder/s of the Company and the share certificates in respect of each shareholder

5. Bank reference (recommendation) letter for the Company

All documents are to be provided in the original or as copies duly authenticated and certified by a Lawyer or a Public Notary using his/her seal or stamp. Before sending us the required documentation by express courier we suggest that you first fax/e-mail us all the relevant paperwork so that it can be properly vetted beforehand.

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