Company Liquidation, Voluntary Liquidation of Companies

Company Liquidation Voluntary Liquidation of Companies

Siguiente Capital is specialized in company liquidation or so-called voluntary liquidation of companies. This means that we assist our clients in quickly and easily liquidating superfluous corporate entities. To liquidate a company means a lot of paperwork. We will manage the purchase documents, deregistration of the company, necessary tax payments, etc. We acquire all forms of entities from our clients and carry out the liquidations. Our clients will get cash in hand on the day they transfer a company to us.

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Liquidation of Companies Voluntary

For potential clients, it is important to know that we have the capacity and ability to expertly handle the liquidation of companies voluntary correctly, both in connection with the transfer and during the phasing out process. Tax and income tax returns must be submitted, the tax must be paid and the accounts kept up to date. According to the Swedish Companies Act (chapter 21, 5 §) there is a strict prohibition against using the purchased company’s funds for the acquisition of the company.

The rules regarding shell company declarations have to be thoroughly observed to avoid unnecessary taxation of the seller. We will take full responsibility for submitting the company’s tax return and paying its taxes.

What happens to a client’s company after our acquisition? After purchasing it we will liquidate the company or merge it with another company. Either way the company will cease to exist. Through liquidation the company will be dissolved permanently. By way of a merger all of the company’s assets and liabilities will pass to its new parent company. Both models are valid and accepted methods to liquidate companies.

What do you do?

1. Initially you send us the company’s latest annual report and current income statement as well as the balance report, and then we will give you a price offer based on the break-up value.

2. If our offer is accepted by you, we will send you a purchase agreement and a list of the documents we need.

3. When you have returned the signed purchase agreement and other required documents to us, we will directly pay out the purchase price to you.

Siguiente Capital offers to liquidate companies in all forms in an easy uncomplicated way!

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