Due Diligence Services, KYC & CDD Compliance Support

Due Diligence Services KYC & CDD Compliance Support

Siguiente Capital’s Due Diligence services offer KYC and CDD compliance support to companies and private individuals that are subject to money laundering laws and regulations. Legal and regulatory requirements across the world have been adapted to combat money laundering and financial crime; we can provide support for regulated KYC and CDD compliance requirements. The implementation of Know Your Customer guidelines and Customer Due Diligence compliance will secure clients legal responsibilities and prevent exposure for involuntary involvement in illegal transactions by money launderers or terrorist financers.

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Customer Due Diligence & Know Your Customer Compliance

The term “Due Diligence” describes a process of investigation made on entities or private persons in relation to a business transaction. International legal and regulatory requirement have put high demands on risk exposed institutes and persons to perform Customers Due Diligence (CDD) on their clients. A risk exposed institute or person is defined as any party of a transaction involving high value, larger cash transactions, or provider of legal and certain trust relationship related services. All exposed institutes or persons are obligated to follow the Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines and demand a number of informative documents from potential new customers or from already existing customers in relation with extraordinary transactions. Transactions out or the ordinary, or suspicious transactions, are defined as extraordinary according to compulsory implemented risk-based evaluations. These evaluations should be based on consideration of involved parties, values and nations. Any and all high-risk transactions should be reported to the appropriate authorities by law.

To Know Your Customer involves the process of determining the source of funds that the transactions comprise as well as identify and background of key persons, entities and their beneficial owners. In the procedure of performing ongoing qualitative CDD exposed institutes and persons, we request documentation on all outstanding questions and keep appropriate records for legal and regulatory Know Your Customer compliance.

Due Diligence Compliance Support

Siguiente Capital provides Due Diligence compliance support by compiling, providing and keeping records of KYC documentation. With our extensive experience of CDD and managing KYC compliance we offer all the support that our clients need to comply with international laws and regulations, and to meet requests from any transaction-related parties. We can function as support and guide any party through the process, providing information about all documents that are required and how they should be certified in an approved manner, or manage the whole responsibility for the process and all of its phases. We can also support in the process of adopting required measures to identify high-risk customers and transactions in our clients’ day-to-day business, or advice when making individual risk-based decisions. By outsourcing this imperative part of the business, our clients can focus their resources on their core business, what they do best, and let Siguiente Capital handle the legally required process in a professional and effective manner.

Any assignment will commence with the signing of a standard non-disclosure agreement between Siguiente Capital and our new client to guarantee full confidentiality in all aspects of the assignment and our relation.

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