International Corporate Tax Planning

international corporate tax planning corporate tax planning

An effective international tax planning strategy will considerately reduce your tax liabilities; the right tax advices and international corporate tax planning can minimize your tax liabilities!

However, international tax planning is a complex field, especially when different jurisdictions are involved. There are many fundamental issues to consider before establishing the optimum corporate structure.

Without professional advice, unexpected tax problems can arise and tax liabilities occur. With Siguiente Capital AB (publ.), international tax planning is made easier thanks to our network of international tax planning experts.

We provide international tax planning and consulting services and try to deliver cost-efficient and creative solutions for our clients, which will minimize corporate income tax liabilities.

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International Tax Planning Services

Facts to consider regarding Siguiente Capital AB’s international tax planning services:

• International tax planning is a legitimate way to protect and enhance business assets.

• Effective international tax planning is important because it helps companies minimize their tax liabilities.

• Well researched corporate structuring is a cornerstone of a successful international tax planning strategy. Siguiente Capital AB can advise on the most tax-efficient structure based on our clients’ needs.

• The tax rules for Swedish Holding Companies are in an international perspective maybe the best in the world.

• Companies can take advantage of Sweden’s low corporate tax rate of 26.3%.

• Capital gains from the sale of business related shares are exempt from tax in Sweden which creates excellent flexibility for internal restructuring of businesses. An example of tax planning includes restructuring your company, so that the main holding company is incorporated in Sweden.

• When choosing a suitable jurisdiction to focus your international tax planning strategies, please note that Sweden has signed more than 80 double taxation treaties with other countries to prevent taxes levied twice on the same income. The availability of tax relief in the form of a double taxation treaty may be central for your international tax planning.

• Dividends from shares held as so called ”business related shares” are exempt from tax in Sweden. Shares held by a Swedish Holding Company would usually be regarded as business related shares. This in combination with the fact that dividends distributed by a Swedish Holding Company are normally exempt from withholding tax should be considered.

• There are no thin capitalization rules in Sweden. This means that shareholders domiciled outside of Sweden may choose to record a low share capital in the Swedish Holding Company and instead lend money to the company.

• An effective international tax planning strategy must comprise a corporate bank account with a reputable international bank in a secure location. Siguiente Capital AB will advise on the best corporate bank account solution for your company’s business activities.

• In order to fully benefit from tax minimization rules around the world, Siguiente Capital AB can engineer a comprehensive global corporate structure, or even restructure an existing business to be more tax-efficient.

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